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What Our Customers Say

" My family and I came home from a 2 week vacation yesterday only to find our dryer had kicked the bucket. There is a laundromat less than a mile from my house, but it is a total dump with every other machine broken all the time and I refuse to go back there, so I checked Yelp. Thank you, Yelpers!

Kitty-corner from the Fox River Grove Metra station, The Washery is a revelation! Super clean, well lit and organized, with a working sink and a (sparkling clean) public bathroom, the machines all appear to be new and high end--none of the ancient, often broken Speed Queen machines caked with decades worth of detergents and fabric softeners I was forced to deal with in the past at every other laundromat I've ever been to. There is even an automatic door so you don't have to struggle with opening the door while bringing your clothes in or out.

I spoke with a few customers and they all said that the owners take good care of the place and are passionate about customer service. Let me tell you--it shows!

Both my family and I were shocked by how quickly I got out of there, too! 2 hours from start to finish, and that was with six HUGE bags of laundry.

Finally, in the past every time I have had items washed in a laundromat they have all had that overheated dryer "laundromat" smell. Not so here!

I will definitely be back the next time I have to wash comforters and will make sure to tell my local friends about The Washery."



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